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Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are a great way to bring a modern touch to your bathroom renovation. They display elegance and create the impression of a bigger space.

We have the experience to complete your shower enclosure properly, on time, and at a competitive price. Plus, we will always be around to service it in case you ever need anything.

Be careful when shopping for your glass shower enclosure. Don't just choose the contractor with the lowest price. We have repaired many poorly installed glass showers done by other companies who simply skipped steps in order to save time and money. Imagine having a huge piece of glass fall while you're in it. We've seen it, and we make every effort to do our work the right way and using the best materials available.

  The glass that is used for frameless shower enclosures is 10mm (3/8") safety tempered glass, with high polished edges. This is considered a heavy glass and nothing thinner should be used. The glass can be cut to accommodate your tub or stand up shower. You do not design your shower around our glass, we design our glass to fit your unique shower.

The types of glass available are: Clear, Acid Etched (frosted), Rain Obscure, Pinhead Obscure, and Grey/Bronze Tints. See pictures below for examples.

  The hardware used for our showers is only the highest quality. Most popular finishes include Bright Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Other custom finishes include: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brass, Antique Brushed Copper, Polished Copper, Gun Metal, Black, Red, White, and many more.

Hardware to support fixed panels include u channels and clamps. We also carry several knobs and handles for the doors. Towel bars are also an accessory for that added convenience.

Our hinges swing both ways and come in a variety of styles to suit the application. Wall mount hinges, 180/135 degrees glass to glass hinges, bottom and top pivots, are just a few of the popular ones we use every day.

This is a picture of a frameless shower enclosure with a door installed against the wall, and the glass installed beside a bathtub.The panel beside the door had to be cut out to fit around the raised tub. A very popular design.

This door is installed onto the glass panel beside it instead of against the wall, creating a symmetrical look. The panels go right up to the ceiling.  The hinges used are 180 degrees "Glass to Glass" style.

A beautiful floor to ceiling shower enclosure. The transom above the door allows you to experience a steam shower when closed, but also pivots open. The hardware used was Brushed Stainless Nickel Glass to Glass Hinges, and Pivot Clamps for the transom. Around the perimeter is a "u-channel", which is necessary to give strength to the panels, especially when a door is being supported off one of them.

Don't like straight lines? Try some angles! This shower was designed with a few angles. It's what we call a "Neo Angle" shower. On the very left side the panel has a cut out to fit around the bench, followed by the door (using 180 degrees Glass to Glass hinges). Beside the door we finish it off with 3 small angle pieces to follow the curve. Remember, you have to have the space and budget to create a shower like this one.  Angles can get expensive because the edges must be mitered to create the appropriate angle.

For a little more privacy or just a change from the clear glass, we offer "Acid Etched".

This is a corner shower with the door installed against the wall. The panels are the same height as the door to allow for lots of ventilation.

Our team doing what we do best. We take pride in our installations and strive for perfection.

Another Neo Angle Shower. This is also a corner shower but the door has to be in the center. The door is supported against the small pane, and also the half wall. In this case, its necessary to use one wall mount hinge at the bottom and a 180 degrees Glass to Glass hinge at the top.

This is another type of decorative shower glass available called "Rainfall" or "Niagara". A few angles, and the door hinged onto another small panel. Interesting design, and we finished it off great with this glass. Again, for more privacy a decorative glass is the way to go. 

Shelving in your shower is a great way to accommodate those shampoo bottles. We use 10mm thick glass and mount them using gooseneck style brackets to create a "floating shelf" look.

This is a "Neo Angle" enclosure over a bathtub. The door is hinged off the panel, which is reinforced on the ceiling. The glass to glass hinges allow the door to swing both ways.

This picture just does not do the this shower justice. It's a floor to ceiling angled enclosure which sits on top of a bathtub. The finished product was stunning, and made this washroom something worth showing off. Angles always add character.

A complicated angle shower. The door is hinged both on the panel beside it and on the half wall at the bottom. Above the door is a transom, giving the user the option to shower with more steam or without.

This design required a hinge on the 'half wall', and a 135 degrees Glass to Glass hinge on the panel. Because this washroom had very little space, the homeowner designed the shower using angles to take advantage of as much space as possible. Glass really makes this one feel a little bigger then it actually is.

No, this is not a funky new design on the glass! This shower panel exploded after 10 years because of the house shifting. Over time pressure was forcing the glass down and it had nowhere to move, so it was forced to explode. We replaced it and made the shower look like new. This is a perfect example of why tempering is so important for safety. 

An "Acid Etched" finish on the glass. This shower was over 100" tall. Very difficult to handle, and required 4 hinges to support the weight of the door.  See the "Mirrors" section for a full view of the mirrors we installed beside this shower.

This shower was in the same home as the one above, also over 100" tall. We made a cut out in the panel to fit over the bench. The door also required 4 hinges to operate. Notice there is no space above the door for ventilation, creating a steam shower. The ceilings inside the shower were finished with a one of a kind White Painted safety laminated glass, also installed by us.

Some showers cannot have the door against the wall. Instead of taking the panels to the ceiling and supporting the door on a panel, we can use a header. This allows the door to be installed using pivots instead of hinges. Often the header system is used when ceilings are sloped or too high.

This shower and inline panel were installed in a commercial gym washroom. We added a "frosted" film on the outside to offer a higher level of privacy, but the clear glass at the top and bottom still allows light enter.

Sometimes washrooms have limited space to work with. In this case, the contractor managed to utilize the space effectively by adding a half wall to open up the washroom, and also a bench in the shower. At the top there is a skylite, which makes it difficult to support the glass. We managed to find a creative solution and create a stunning finish to the renovation. The big panel has 2 cut outs, one over the bench, one over the half wall.

Instead of a full enclosure we installed a single panel without a door. This is called a "Shower Guard". Get creative and ask us about cutting shapes to get away from the "square" look. The glass is 10mm tempered "Rainfall" obscure glass.

Beautiful floor to ceiling enclosure. The door hangs off another panel instead of the wall, using glass to glass hinges. We've left some space above for ventilation. Miters are necessary on the edges where the angles meet. A notch was also necessary in order to fit over the bathtub. The brushed nickel "u-channel" is installed all around the perimeter in order to support the glass, as opposed to clamps. U channel gives the clean slick look instead of bulky looking clamps. But, both work.

*Remember, installing glass completely frameless with only silicone is not always the safest method. It might avoid the use of hardware but if an inspection were to take place, it would likely not pass.

A tub enclosure with a header system. Like mentioned in a picture above, the header is used when the ceiling is either sloped or too high. Since the door hangs off of another panel, that panel needs structural support. The ceiling in this case was sloped and so we used a header for support.

Another tub enclosure. Door against the wall with an inline panel. Because the home owner had a dark bronze shower head and accessories, we offered them the perfect match for the hinges and knob, "Oil Rubbed Bronze". Shower hinges come in various colours. Most often we use chrome or brushed nickel, but alternative colours are available as well.

A true frameless enclosure. The customer wanted as little hardware as possible. Since the door is installed independently against the wall, the other panels do not have the job of supporting it. Thus, we can install them completely frameless and silicone the edges to keep them in place.

As mentioned above, there are a variety of colours available for shower hardware. Matching the colour of the hardware in the shower is important for consistency. After Chrome and Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze is the next most popular. This shower was installed using Oil Rubbed Bronze u channel around the panels, 180 degrees glass to glass hinges and a 6" handle.